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And Silverpoint Media Group (SMG) Are All About…

Silverpoint Streaming Video Network provides entertainment where and when you want it, 24/7! You can stream live TV anytime, anywhere, across devices, and watch new programs and episodes the same day they become live.

This streaming network, with videos on demand, is the “wave of the present” and will continue well into the future, eliminating regular television and cable on someone else’s schedule rather than yours. Cable and satellite TV are expensive and provide programming you would never watch or, for that matter, even think of watching. Everyone works on different schedules, which oftentimes makes it difficult to connect to television programming. Silverpoint has exclusive programs, sporting events, concerts, rare classic television programs, and even a viewers’ request line!

Just by using the device of your choice, Silverpoint Streaming Video Network offers new episodes and exclusive originals as soon as the very next day. Watch exclusive, original programs and live events that you will only be able to see on Silverpoint Network! While live events are shown at a specific time, they are also repeated so that, within a specific time period, you can watch them when and where you want, at your convenience.


All At Your Access: a large library containing an assortment of programs ready and waiting for your enjoyment. Additionally, Silverpoint will be bringing in special licensed programming and live events for specific periods of time. Silverpoint has feature films, new episodic television programs, classic television programs, documentaries, and sporting events (e.g., wrestling, boxing, basketball, football), and so much more. Silverpoint also takes requests for programming that you would like to see, so be sure to get on Silverpoint’s mailing list to stay in the know about what’s up-and-coming.

You can watch an assortment of advertising-supported programs—FREE—without a “ton” of commercials (i.e., commercial breaks occur at the beginning of a program, not every five minutes). We also have events (e.g., sporting, concerts, and other special-event programming) that require a miniscule fee. As mentioned earlier, when you want to watch an event, you can do so on your schedule; and you can also watch events LIVE!

Exclusive Programs



*Sporting Events; 

*Comedy and Dramatic Series; 

*Talk Shows; 


*Family and Children’s Programming; 

*Feature-Length Films; and 

*Much, much more.


We are here to help you take the leap. When you have to worry about ad specifications, guidelines, rates, placement, audience, dates, and producing successful results, digital advertising can be overwhelming.

Now, with Streaming Video Network’s programing, we can reach a valuable, specific audience for your commercial spot (i.e., your ad campaign). Drive the audience to a specific program and number of runs in a program and/or events. Get exact, precise counts of viewership; and measure your campaign effectiveness with data capabilities, such as the number of clicks on a program.

Spot lengths and other commercial plays. In addition to 15- and 30-second spots, we offer full-screen interactive video and overlays that invite consumers to engage with brands in new and immersive ways. With Streaming Video Network, you can connect your brand with relevant programs (e.g., complete program sponsorships). Silverpoint can promote the program (with your commercial spots) with “This program is sponsored by…” and even with our banner ads promoting the program.  You can also give away coupons, a specific website to your product, contests, and so much more!

Welcome to your all-in-one resource for advertising in SMG’s digital landscape. Tour our site where you will find specs, guidelines, creative samples, as well as tools to help you brush-up on the basics of advertising in a digital environment that is constantly evolving.

What’s very important about television today is that cable TV, DirecTV, Dish-TV, and Pay-Per-View are becoming things of the past, and streaming video networks like Silverpoint are moving forward in record numbers, not only with viewers but with advertisers as well!


For More Information


Contact Silverpoint via email,, or by phone at (702) 421-5121.

Syndication and Distribution


Got a project? Have an idea/concept? Looking to have your project/concept syndicated?

Do you have a project that needs to be broadcast, syndicated, distributed, and/or produced from the ground level up? If so, let’s make arrangements for you to talk with our team of broadcast professionals to see how they and Silverpoint Media Group can help you get your idea into production and on the air. To that end, email

Silverpoint Media Group (SMG) and its sister companies are a syndication and distribution organization that provides the best of new products from the world’s most creative network and independent producers to television, home video, and educational outlets within the United States and other parts of the world. Our services also include, but are not limited to, cash and barter and market-by-market syndication. Additionally, SMG has associated offices that cover the globe, the active acquisition of programming from domestic and international sources, the licensing of merchandise associated with its programs, and co-production of television series for worldwide distribution. SMG also distributes products to home video and educational (non-theatrical) outlets worldwide.

Although we have one of the most comprehensive program catalogues in the television industry, we are always interested in acquiring dynamic new titles to add to it. We only deal in finished programming, where the complete product or the pilot for a new series is available for screening. We do not deal in formats or short promotional presentations. Programming that provides the greatest opportunities for both distributor and producer is that which has not yet been exposed in the marketplace.

National Association Television Programming Executives (NATPE) is a market where we meet with buyers worldwide to present the programs in our current catalogue. We do not screen or discuss new product or accept screening and/or promotional material for new shows. We do, however, encourage producers to send completed programming that they feel has the potential to be successfully marketed to television, home entertainment, and/or non-theatrical outlets at the national and international levels.

Have questions? Want to see how we can work together? Then email SMG at or submit pertinent information to Silverpoint Media Group, 848 North Rainbow Blvd., Suite 324, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107. 

Archival Footage


Silverpoint Media Group is your source for over 100 years of global imagery. SMG has footage from silent features and shorts up to recent motion pictures with all the well-known and classic stars, legends, and famous faces and places. Are you doing retro “look backs” into their careers? Because of its extensive programming library, SMG can help. We also have historic newsreel footage to breaking news. Additionally, our library encompasses major happenings in the world, including some of the less momentous occasions—past, present, and future. If you need the footage right away or need hard-to-find, rare material (i.e., material that must match the movie, the movie’s time period or theme, or whatever your project entails), we’re here to help. Just tell us what you’re trying to find, and we’ll do the rest!

With Silverpoint, you will have access to literally hundreds of thousands of hours of footage, whether it covers major historic moments and today’s small stories, or material on politics, pop culture, the economy, entertainment, the military, fashion, classic stock shots, and/or the completely unexpected.  

The SMG archive collects worldwide news and happenings in the entertainment industry and offers unparalleled coverage of the men, women, and events that made history in the 20th Century. Discover the historical figures who have had a lasting impact in the world of sports, Hollywood, royalty, fashion, technology, and countless other lifestyles. We also offer aerial material from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Let our friendly staff assist you with the images you want at competitive rates, which are based on total usage. No per scene and/or clip set-up charge, nor are large projects a problem. You’re only charged for what you use, plus a nominal lab and technical service charge, including extensive research.

To contact the Silverpoint Media Group—Archives, call (702) 421-5121, or email  We look forward to hearing from you and to being of service, hopefully within the very near future. 

Investment Opportunity


Silverpoint Media Group and Silverpoint Streaming Video Network are pleased to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime by becoming an integral part of broadcast history! We are launching new programs for distribution worldwide, a streaming video network, program broadcasting over the Internet, and production of new programs, etc.—plus the chance to invest in various parts of the operation.

SMG—a global leader in the creation of the Silverpoint Streaming Video Network, including the production, distribution, licensing, and marketing of every form of creative content and related business(es) across all current and emerging media platforms—is a fully-integrated, broad-based entertainment company. SMG stands at the forefront of every aspect of the entertainment industry from feature films, television programs, home entertainment production, and worldwide distribution – to DVDs, digital distribution, animation, international cinemas, our own cable broadcast channel/network, and commercial station broadcasting, to name but a few! 

SMG is now opening its doors to potential investors and businesses that would welcome an opportunity to participate in the exciting world of entertainment. To that end, if you, your colleagues, and/or your company would like to become an integral part of our companies (e.g., perhaps in the programming aspects of the operation or by investing in part of the operation [such as the network itself, new programming, and so forth], or should you have a specific program you would like Silverpoint to consider)…

call (702) 421-5121 or email

SMG and its sister companies have a proven track record in numerous venues of broadcasting and would welcome the opportunity to work with you. For serious candidates’ review, an Executive Summary and/or Business Plan are available upon request.

Thank you for your interest and consideration of our venture. We look forward to hearing from, and hopefully working with, you soon.

Meanwhile, should you have a problem or concern, or if you would like to report a complaint under the aforementioned established guidelines, call Silverpoint Media Group at (702) 421-5121. Complaints will be appropriately transcribed and forwarded to the Audit Committee of our Board of Directors for review and resolution.

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