Stowaway in the Sky DVD

Stowaway in the Sky DVD
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Title:  Stowaway in the Sky
Production  Year:  1960
Genre:  Family Film – Adventure
Rating:  G
Visual:   Color
Run Time:  85 minutes
ShopCEGTV Price:  $6.95
List Price:  $9.95
Plot:  Starring: Pascal Lamorisse; written and directed by Albert Lamorisse—Fly away to a delightful adventure. Little Pascal stows away in a 60-foot-tall orange balloon his grandfather has invented. Although he is discovered shortly after the balloon has left the ground, his grandfather not only lets him remain aboard, but also makes him first mate! Follow them on their journey across France as they encounter many humorous and suspenseful adventures in this beautifully photographed and colorful film that’s perfect for the entire family.

 PRESALE ITEM.  This is a presale item  that will be released on July 1, 2019  at the price of $9.95 to those who preorder before the release date.(Note that the release date is subject to change without notice.) This is a new run of this series placed on DVD.  You may order as many as you want at the presale item price. By ordering presale, you are guaranteed the presale price and free shipping (free shipping is to those addresses which are within the continental USA.) Should you want to cancel your presale order before the release date, your credit card will be credited if you email prior to the release date. Be sure to include your order number, full name, address and a valid email address so we can credit your account. Thus far, presales of the DVD have been great! If you have questions, you may email at


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