Lonesome Dove - Dead Man's Walking DVD

Lonesome Dove - Dead Man's Walking DVD
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Title:  Lonesome Dove - Dead Man's Walking
Production  Year:  N/A
Genre:  Drama  |  Western
Rating:  Unrated
Visual:   Color
Run Time:  272 Minutes
ShopCEGTV Price:  $6.95
List Price:  $19.95
Plot: This is a great adaptation of the Larry McMurtry novel. The script follows the novel very closely, which is the number one requirement of any film adaptation of McMurtry’s work. McMurtry’s dialogue compels readers to fall in love with the characters, so it must be preserved. David Arquette and Jonny Lee Miller are very believable as young versions of Gus McCrae and Woodrow McCall. Arquette has even picked up some of the physical mannerisms that Robert Duvall used earlier in Lonesome Dove. Patricia Childress really captures the role of the tenderhearted young prostitute Mattie Roberts. Eric Schweig is chilling as the dangerous Comanche Chief Buffalo Hump, and the stunt work by Judson Keith Linn when doubling for Schweig is fantastic. The sequence where he rides down one of the Texas Rangers and scalps him from horseback is thrilling and terrifying. An equally terrifying nighttime sequence involves Buffalo Hump chasing down Gus on foot during a lightning storm and spearing him with his lance. The cast is full of noted character actors and Olmos is particularly effective as Mexican Army Captain Salazar.

F. Murray Abraham, Keith Carradine, Brian Dennehy, David Arquette, Eric Schweig, Jonny Lee Miller, Harry Dean Stanton, Edward James Olmos, Judson Keith Linn, and Patricia Childress


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